Wastewater Department

The wastewater department is responsible for the maintenance of the collection systems and the storm water collection system.

Controlled Discharge Lagoon System

The  current wastewater treatment process is a “controlled discharge  lagoon”  system. This type of treatment is commonly used by small communities  across Iowa. With controlled discharge lagoon treatment, all  wastewater  is held in large storage ponds for a minimum of six months.  Over time,  natural processes treat and clean the wastewater to a level  than can  be safely discharged.

Aerated Lagoon System

The Gilbert wastewater treatment system was last upgraded more than 30 years ago. The two eastern ponds were constructed in 1968, and the two western ponds were constructed in 1984. The ponds are located on the Southwest corner of town. The City of Gilbert is currently in the design and permitting stage for upgrading the system to an Aerated Lagoon System.

Tentative Schedule for Upgrading the Wastewater Treatment System

  • Planning Complete by: March 2017
  • Design and Permitting: March through September 2017
  • Bid construction project: October/November 2017
  • Construction: January 2018 through September 2019

Construction Progress

Lagoon Progress framesLagoon Progress linerLagoon Progress rock